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OPRacing 37mm Clip-On Bars

OPRacing 37mm Clip-On Bars

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  • The bar clamps are machined from T6 Billet Aluminium for reduced weight and enhanced appearance.

  • Fixed in a 7 degree angle for clearance and racing crouch.

  • 2 sets of pinch bolts secure the clamps to the fork and the adjustable bars to the clamp.

  • 22mm or 7/8″ Handlebars with Delrin Ends.


Oakland Park Race Products strives to provide innovative and functional products under our OPRacing Brand. Our racing clip-on bars are manufactured to meet the demands of the toughest of racers.

NOTE: There are many factors to consider when installing racing clip-ons, such as possible interference with the fairings or other parts due to the lower angle of the bars, the thickness of the clamps, and/or the height of the risers (or lack of risers on flat-type bars). Fairing modifications or relocation of parts may be required to get everything to work together in harmony.

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