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Maxima Coolaide 1.89L (Pre Mixed)

$16.95 inc. GST
  • Convenient ready-to-use blend

  • Approved for racing on paved surfaces

  • Increases cooling capacity & efficiency

  • Glycol, Nitrate, Amine, Borax Free!

  • Protects against rust & corrosion

  • For 2-cycle or 4-cycle liquid cooled engines

  • 100% Biodegradable in its unused form

  • Does not offer freeze protection

Motorex Anti-Freeze M3.0 Ready to use 1L

$18.95 inc. GST


  • Silicate, Nitrite, Aamine, Borate and Phosphate free.

  • Extremely effective corrosion protection for the entire cooling system.

  • Excellent compatibility with all commercially available seals and cooler hoses.

  • Excellent thermal conductivity.

  • Extended usage duration.

Motorex Anti-Freeze M5.0 Ready to Use 1L

$17.95 inc. GST


  • Good corrosion protection for metals and alloys in the cooling system.

  • Good compatibility with commercially available elastomers and plastics.

  • Nitrite, Phosphate and Amine free.

  • High chemical stability.

  • Recommended usage duration 3 years.